How to Gain Access to Insider for International Users

Create New Account

In order to gain access to Insider, All Hampton Users and Users in the Americas will first be required to register their details with the Identity Management System (IDM). Once registered, users will be able to access Insider and set up their access levels.Please follow the instructions below in order to gain a login to Insider.

For users in HUKI properties and Corporate Offices, all requests should be directed to ISC. For users in properties in Europe, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific, all requests or issues should be raised directly with your ISM.

How to Change Account Access

Once you have received and completed the registration email, you will need to download the Changing Account Access & Updating Your Portfolio Page user guide to setup your hotel view and applications.  (Insider/Training)

Levels of access will be dependent on your level of responsibility.  If you are only responsible for a single property for example, you will only be able to access data for that specific property.  Multi property team members will be able to view data for the hotels within their own Cluster, Regional or Area. 

Corporate users will be able to report on all properties with Hilton International and will be able to use pre built hotel groups in the system to break the data down, for example by Area, Region or Brand.